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Get ready to be ruined slave in our financial domination cams, we always seek to ruin money slaves and drain them of every penny they have. Come into our room snow with that wallet open ready to be drained live on cam. Financial Mistresses waiting to bleed you dry, milk you.

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If you are an apathetic, weak and useless excuse for a male who could not satisfy a woman if his life depended on it yet still lusts after hot, unattainable goddesses like me then you are in the right place because I actually have a way that you can be of some use to me. You can open your wallet and get your credit cards out because if you want my attention then you are going to pay for it. I have very expensive tastes.

I like Jimmy Choo shoes, diamonds, expensive silk lingerie and high-end fashion label clothing such as Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and Prada. Why should I have to pay for it though?

Why should I interrupt my week and forgo massages, manicures and trips to the mall by having to get a job? Superior females like me do not work. No, we have another way of getting what we want. We manipulate, tease and torment weird little men like YOU into becoming our very own personal walking wallet and human atm. By manipulating and teasing you into a drooling lapdog, you will do whatever I say.

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I am looking for money slaves and as a financial domination expert, I always get what I want. If you want my attention and a place in my life and for me to even acknowledge you then you better get ready to pay for it. Powerful women like me do not come cheap. If you do not earn enough in your regular job then you will just need to go and get another credit card, won’t you? Or even another two jobs. But enter into a findom cams session with me and you better pay me what I want, when I want it.

I can be found on live femdom webcam ready to dominate, humiliate, manipulate and torment pathetic little nothings like you Your only saving grace for your pitiful life is that you can have someone like me in it as long as you keep your wallet open and be my pay pig.
When I am online I will have you sign a financial domination contract that states I own your bank account. It is not your money, it is MY money and when I want it, you will give me it.

I do not care if you have no money left for food or to put the heating on. If you need to cancel your NFL package, your cable tv and nights out then that is just tough. It is your own fault for not earning enough. If I want money to treat my real man boyfriend and me to a nice meal at an expensive restaurant then you are footing the bill. Why should he pay? He is satisfying me sexually which is his job. If I want to wear expensive lingerie and sexy outfits for him, guess who is buying it? Yep, got it in one. YOU are mister human atm and you better be quick about it when I tell you to send me money. I may incorporate blackmail roleplay or even teamviewer to make sure I get what I want when I want it.

Any time you enter my live female domination webcams area, you should have this in mind. As straight away I will demand a tribute from you before telling you how much to send me. And you better be quick smart when you do it. I do not like to be kept waiting. I am a supreme goddess and I should have waited on hand and foot. You are my walking wallet pay piggy and you should be doing the waiting and the running around.

I will become your only thought. I will manipulate you till I find out all your dirty secrets and fetishes and then use them against you. If you are a boob man I will wear low cut tops and no bra. If you are an ass man I will bend over in my shorty shorts. Feet fetish men will get close-ups of my perfectly manicured toes and sexy feet. Whatever it is I will torment you with it till you are a drooling moron handing over your credit cards.

As soon as you enter the findom cam online room I am in, I will probably ignore you for a bit. Let the money build up nicely before I decide to humiliate you a bit by ridiculing your cock size or making you crawl around on all fours on the floor.

Even when not on cam I expect you to have your cell phone on you at all times. If I am shopping and I see a nice dress my boyfriend would like I will text you to tell you to send me money and I expect it right away. I do not give a fuck WHAT you are doing when I want something, you deal with me. Even if you are with your wife or girlfriend, you leave her to go put money in MY bank account. I am your Princess and owner and when I say jump, you say how high.

If you desire the attention of gorgeous women who would never give you the time of day otherwise then come to this femdom webcams live chat room and I will see if you can be of some use to me. I am looking for money slaves all the time and if you have what it takes and are ready to work three jobs to keep me in the life of luxury I deserve then prove it. Open your wallet paypig, and get ready to serve me till I drain you and ruin you.

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